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Located in Brookfield, Illinois, the Law Offices of John F. Shine concentrates exclusively in the practice of Immigration & Nationality Law, with a focus on deportation defense, family-based visas, waivers, deferred action (Dreamers), U Visas, VAWA, naturalization/citizenship, and appeals.

Family-Based Immigration

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Deportation Defense

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Citizenship & Naturalization

The process by which a lawful permanent resident becomes a U.S. citizen is called naturalization. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service… Read More

Family-Based Immigration Law Since 2005

Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens once noted that “immigration law can be complex, and it is a legal specialty of its own.”  Padilla v. Kentucky, 559 U.S. 356 (2010).  Trying to navigate the complexities of our system without competent counsel and representation can result in dire consequences to individuals and their families.  An attorney with deep knowledge of immigration law who knows how to counsel and advise is more important now than ever before.

John Shine has practiced exclusively in the field of immigration law since 2005.  He focuses his practice on deportation defense, family-based visas, waivers, deferred action (Dreamers), U visas, VAWA, naturalization, and appeals.  John values personal contact with his clients at every stage of the immigration process. He believes that knowing his clients on a personal level is vital to understanding how he can help them.

The initial consultation is the most important element of the process because it is where the attorney listens to the client’s concerns, gathers the relevant facts, and makes a plan of action.  For this reason John offers a thorough, detailed, and honest evaluation of all his clients’ cases.  He does not believe in rushing anyone through a consultation, even if at first glance relief does not appear available.  Receiving inadequate advice at a consultation can cause a chain of events that sometimes lead to irreversible consequences.